Revolutionizing Maternal Care: Assessing the Feasibility and Acceptability of Mobile Health-Based Group Pregnancy Care in Kenya

Help REACH Africa in collaboration with Yale University is embarking on an ambitious and groundbreaking research project that aims to transform maternal care in Kenya. Titled “Feasibility and Acceptability of Implementing Mobile Health-Based Group Pregnancy Care,” this collaborative study seeks to harness the power of mobile health solutions to enhance the pregnancy experience for women in the country.

The primary objective of the study is to assess mobile technology access and usage patterns among pregnant women in Kenya. By understanding the current state of mobile technology adoption in maternal healthcare, the researchers aim to identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.

In addition to this, the study will delve into the perceptions, attitudes, and preferences of pregnant women, their significant family members, and maternal care providers towards adopting mobile health-based pregnancy care. By exploring factors such as perceived usefulness, self-efficacy, privacy concerns, and knowledge of information and communication technology (ICT), the researchers seek to create a comprehensive model that caters to the specific needs and preferences of the target population.

Securing ethical approval from the esteemed Yale Institutional Review Board (IRB) and working towards local IRB and National Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation (NACOSTI) approvals in Kenya, the study is set to adhere to the highest ethical standards and guidelines.

To gather comprehensive data, the research will employ a multi-faceted approach, including surveys, focus groups, and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, including pregnant women, family members, maternal care providers, healthcare professionals, and experts in mobile health technology.

The potential impact of this study is profound, as the findings could lay the groundwork for a transformative mobile health-based model for group antenatal and postnatal care in Kenya. By enhancing accessibility, acceptability, and feasibility, the project aims to contribute to improved maternal and child health outcomes in the region.

Help REACH Africa and Yale University’s collaboration brings together expertise, resources, and passion in pursuit of a shared vision: revolutionizing maternal care through mobile health solutions in Kenya. This innovative initiative holds the promise of creating a brighter and healthier future for mothers and their newborns. Stay tuned for updates on this exciting endeavor that aims to help Kenya’s mothers reach a healthier tomorrow.

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