Help REACH Africa Sikalame Medical Camp

The Sikalame medical camp successfully reached a total of 2,571 patients from various villages including Ulumbi, Lwanda, Muhola, Malanga, Umala, Mudhiero, Ulhor, Masanga, Manyala, Sigomere, Madeya Umala, Bushieni, Siguse, Ugunja Ambira, Siwinga Busia, Ulanga Nyahara Sikalame Nyabeda, Sidindi, Uhuyi, Madungu, Ukwala, Yala Tingare, Usieni, Lolwe, Ruwe, Lukango, Alego, Nyaraha, Simenya, Ugombra, Yiro.

The camp covered patients from four out of six sub-counties in Siaya County, as well as a few patients from neighboring sub-counties in Kakamega and Busia Counties.

The medical camp provided various interventions and services, with 67.2% female, 27.5% male, and 5.3% children being reached. Additionally, about 135 pediatric patients (both male and female) were treated for different conditions.

Screenings were conducted for cancer, including 1 prostate, 76 cervical, and 21 breast screenings. Out of the screenings, 2 breast screenings were positive, 1 was abnormal, and 2 patients were diagnosed positive and referred. Two patients were referred for PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) testing.

Comprehensive counseling and testing for HIV/AIDS were provided to 98 eligible patients. It was noted that more men turned out for the medical camp compared to previous camps, showcasing increased engagement from the male population.

The patients greatly appreciated the comprehensive services provided during the medical camp and expressed their desire for similar camps to be held more frequently to benefit the residents.

Several partners played key roles in ensuring the success of the camp, including the Siaya County government leadership, Ambira Sub County Hospital leadership, elected leaders, partner organizations, hospitals, private sectors, and Ugunja Development Initiative. Their support and participation were highly appreciated.

The visit by the County Executive Committee Member of Health and the Chief of the Division of Public Health was a significant morale boost for the staff providing services during the camp.

Recommendations for future initiatives include the Siaya County government taking the lead in organizing such medical camps, with partners providing support. The Ugunja Health pillar, Ambira Sub County Health Leadership, and partners are encouraged to collaborate and plan similar events on a routine basis. It is also recommended to conduct more outreach services targeting hard-to-reach areas, enhance maternal and child health services, and accelerate comprehensive sexual reproductive health services for adolescents, youths, and young mothers.

Further recommendations include establishing a youth-friendly center at Ambira Sub County Hospital in partnership with the Kenyatta National Hospital and local youth organizations. The involvement and participation of partners in planning, resource mobilization, and support services during the camp should continue. Targeting youth parents during such activities and addressing parenting concerns is also suggested.

Efforts should be made to follow up on referred patients for further management post the medical camp. Data should be compiled and shared with the team for programming purposes. Help Reach Africa is recommended to take up leadership in organizing similar camps based on need.

The Sikalame medical camp has made a significant impact in saving and transforming lives, and it is important to build upon this success for the benefit of the community.

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